Logo Components


  • Based on the uniqueness of the Orchid name (like the Orchid flower) 

  • Orchid is bolded and uppercase to emphasize “ORCHID” 

  • Medical is light and lowercase to de-emphasize “medical”


  • Simple, one color design that is the acronym for Orchid Medical “OM”

  • Historic green color connects the new logo to Orchid’s original brand “our roots”

  • Ties our trademark product, SCCP, and technology, OMNI, to the Orchid brand

  • Clients and the industry will recognize Orchid from the mark

  • Outside circle represents the continuum of care – it begins with providing medical services/care and ends with 

  • RTW/recovery (an open circle represents a beginning and an ending); Orchid’s end goal is getting the injured worker back to a healthy life 

  • Orchid connects with medical providers, medical payers, and those in need of medical care/services (the “O” is connected to the “m”) 

  • Orchid provides integrated medical services through the efficiency and control of having all ancillary services managed by a single source (the “O” integrates with the “m”) 

  • The opening shows how Orchid is always innovating – Orchid is always seeking new ways to meet the evolving needs of our clients, injured workers and the industry 

  • The opening signifies how we’re constantly growing and improving our network of medical providers and suppliers